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Has the lost city of Tu’am been discovered in the UAE?

Dating back to the sixth century, the site was famous for its pearls.

History buffs, we have some exciting news. Archaeologists working in Umm Al Quwain believe they have located the lost city of Tu’am. Dating back to the sixth century, the site was once the capital of the Gulf coast and famous for its pearls.

Tu’am is located on Siniyah Island, which is off the coast of the UAE. Umm Al Quwain Department of Tourism and Archaeology has been working at the location. Tu’am came to prominence in the sixth century, and was later hit by a plague.

The city has been documented in ancient texts. Archaeologists have found huts with oyster shells, which indicate there was a pearl trade. Plus, signs of alleyways and homes, which offer an insight into the former city.

Professor Tim Power of UAE University explained: “Our archaeological work has discovered the largest settlement by far ever found on the Gulf coast of the Emirates. And it’s exactly the right period for the city described in the early Islamic geographical sources. It’s clearly a really important place. No one has ever found it.”

Rania Hussein Kannouma, Acting Director of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage at the Department of Tourism and Archaeology, added: “This year, excavation has continued at the southern end of the pearl fishing city, with further digging in several rooms within the houses of the pearl fishing city and the Christian monastery area to better understand the layout of the buildings and document the archaeological structures.”

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