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How to get your hands on the viral pink matcha in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Sip your way through the strawberry social media sensation. 

Whether you refer to it as cloud matcha, pink matcha, or strawberry matcha this viral sensation has taken social media by storm. The layered beverage combines the earthy notes of matcha with the sweet taste of strawberries. 

The drink is constructed by blending strawberries with milk or cream to create a fluffy “cloud” layer. This rests on a base of traditionally whisked matcha, resulting in a stunning visual contrast. A gentle stir creates a beautiful pink and green swirl, perfect for the ‘Gram. 

Here are FACT’s top places to purchase pink matcha in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates.

Blu Matcha

Are you craving a vibrant twist on matcha? Look no further than Blu Matcha, Dubai’s first dedicated matcha café. One of their most popular drinks is the Strawberry Matcha. The beverage combines fresh strawberry puree with high-quality organic matcha, creating a perfectly balanced sweet and earthy taste. You can choose your preferred milk to complete the drink. Beyond the Strawberry Matcha, Blu Matcha boasts a menu filled with tempting creations. They have fruity options like Mango Matcha and Lychee Matcha alongside unique blends like Purple Haze, combining calming lavender and energising matcha.

Café Kitsuné

Café Kitsuné is a haven for matcha lovers, offering a taste of Japan with Parisian flair. This café, known for its Paris-meets-Tokyo vibe, boasts a signature matcha sourced directly from Uji, Japan, a region renowned for its high-quality green tea. The matcha is a key ingredient across their menu. Enjoy it whisked into a classic matcha latte with a smooth and vibrant green hue. For a sweeter indulgence, try their matcha-infused pastries or indulge in the Strawberry Matcha iced drink and a Berry Fox Shortbread. Even the merchandise has had a recent matcha makeover.

Club Mochi

Club Mochi in Dubai isn’t your typical matcha spot. The star attraction may be the Mochi doughnuts, but their take on Strawberry Cloud Matcha is a dreamy drink combining their signature matcha with a swirl of sweet strawberry puree topped with a dollop of fluffy whipped cream and a sprinkle of colourful mochi bits. The rest of Club Mochi’s menu is just as whimsical. Think Ube Latte with its vibrant purple hue or a classic Matcha Latte playfully reimagined with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel.

Java Dubai

Java Cafe takes your matcha experience to new heights with its signature Pink Matcha in Dubai. This beverage gives your basic green tea an upgrade. The Cloud Matcha features a base of high-quality matcha whisked to a smooth consistency. But the magic happens on top. A layer of fluffy, house-made gel is gently placed upon the matcha, creating a delightful cloud effect. Java Cafe offers both a classic Matcha Cloud and a Pink Matcha Cloud, featuring the addition of vibrant strawberry puree for a fruity twist.

Knot Bakehouse

While renowned for its delectable pastries, Knot Bakehouse in Jumeirah offers a delightful selection of matcha beverages, including the trendy Cloud Matcha. This photogenic drink starts with high-grade matcha, whisked to a smooth, vibrant green and topped with a light and airy strawberry cloud foam. If you want to flex to your followers, take a video of the cloud foam slowly dissolving, and infusing the matcha with subtle sweetness to create a mesmerising swirl of green and pink.


Bueno vibes only at Onda, please. Located in Canal House on Al Wasl Road, draws its name from the Spanish slang, which translates to ‘vibes’. One of their more unique offerings is the Pink Matcha in Dubai, which takes classic matcha and gives it a vibrant twist. ONDA combines their ceremonial-grade matcha with a hint of strawberry extract, resulting in a stunning pastel pink hue. Despite the playful colour, the drink still boasts the earthy notes of matcha, perfectly balanced by the subtle sweetness of the strawberries. 

Abu Dhabi

This trendy Abu Dhabi café offers a menu brimming with speciality coffee and tea concoctions, including a unique matcha experience. NOWBL serves more than just your standard matcha latte. Take things up a notch with the signature Nitro Matcha and Pink Matcha. The latter is a stunningly cascading drink with a creamy texture and a delightful micro-foam head.


OSK Croissanterie is renowned for its buttery croissants, but its beverage menu also offers a delightful selection for matcha lovers. Osk Croissanterie takes its matcha seriously, using high-quality matcha powder, ensuring a vibrant green colour and rich, earthy flavour. The menu boasts refreshing cold options like the Iced Matcha Latte or the Sakura Matcha, which features a delightful blend of matcha with the sweet creaminess of strawberry cream cheese.


Manga fans rejoice. OTAKU isn’t just a haven for all things kawaii (cute), it also boasts a marvellous matcha menu. While they offer classic anime-inspired drinks like bubble tea, their Matcha Strawberry Créme combines the earthy notes of high-quality matcha with the sweet notes of strawberry. OTAKU uses a generous amount of matcha, ensuring a vibrant green colour and a rich, satisfying flavour.

The Turtle Cove

Tucked away in Saadiyat Island, The Turtle Cove whispers comfort with its menu that caters to both breakfast and afternoon cravings. This cosy café experience with delicious coffee, fresh juices, and a variety of sandwiches and toasts. The venue is particularly popular for its breakfast options, with fluffy pancakes, hearty breakfast bowls and their newly launched Strawberry Matcha.

The Northern Emirates

Tucked behind Sharjah Library, GOYA Sharjah isn’t your average coffee shop. This curtained café boasts a dedicated matcha bar and a variety of enticing matcha creations that go beyond the standard latte. Craving a taste of summer? Opt for the viral Pink Cloud Matcha, a vibrant pink concoction that blends matcha with the sweet notes of strawberry. Feeling tropical? The Coconut Sky Matcha offers a refreshing twist with a hint of coconut cream. And of course, they have the classic Matcha Latte for purists.

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