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20 Saudi streetwear brands you need to cop right now

These brands offer an unconventional take on the street-fashion culture of Saudi Arabia.

Forget what you think you know. Saudi Arabia has a burgeoning streetwear scene that’s setting trends. Fuelled by social media and a youthful desire for self-expression – 63 per cent of the Saudi population is under 30 years of age – streetwear in the Kingdom blends global influences with a unique Saudi sentiment.

Local brands like 1886 and Not Boring are gaining international recognition, while social media is buzzing with 235.5 million views for #SaudiStreetwear on TikTok alone. Saudi streetwear fuses contemporary apparel styles with a deep respect for tradition. Think graphic tees emblazoned with Arabic calligraphy or urban abayas representing modesty with a modern edge. 

The Kingdom’s streetwear scene is sure to keep surprising and inspiring the world. So here are 20 Saudi streetwear brands you should have on your radar.


+MMMORE is a Saudi streetwear brand that’s all about bold simplicity and impactful statements. With a focus on minimalism and limited releases, they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the Kingdom’s streetwear scene. +MMMORE offers a concise range of streetwear staples, primarily tees and hoodies, with their signature “Akhwan” slogan often taking centre stage. This Arabic word for “brothers” embodies the brand’s message of unity and belonging. They often choose a single, powerful colour for a season, letting it stand out against their clean designs. 


Founded in 2010, 1886 draws inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s rich history and heritage, reimagining it for a modern streetwear audience. Their collections are a captivating fusion of past and present, where hoodies and tees adorned with intricate details reference historical architecture or traditional textiles. They often incorporate calligraphy or rework vintage photographs to create a unique aesthetic. The brand often utilises premium fabrics and incorporates local craftsmanship into its garments, creating a sense of luxury alongside an urban edge.


ANONYMOUS is a Saudi streetwear brand turning heads due to its unique blend of global influences. Launched in 2018, the brand draws inspiration from Arabic, Japanese, and Sanskrit cultures, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic. Their collections feature hand-painted motifs, graphics, and calligraphy on everything from t-shirts and hoodies to denim jackets. ANONYMOUS embodies a message of unity and ambition. Their designs reflect the region’s cultural diversity while also celebrating Saudi youth and their drive. The brand even released a capsule collection aligned with Saudi Vision 2030, showcasing its commitment to the country’s future.


ARWA is the brainchild of the eponymous Saudi designer Arwa Al-Banawi who’s redefining “streetwear for the savvy Arab girl.” Al-Banawi’s designs mix contemporary streetwear with traditional tailoring. Think bold, boxy suits in vibrant colours alongside statement tees featuring Arabic script. Her brand isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Al-Banawi masterfully blends Eastern and Western aesthetics, creating a powerful and effortlessly chic look. This unique fusion has garnered her international attention, with collaborations with giants like Adidas and Levi’s. 


BUCKETBOX is a Riyadh-born brand bringing humour and hometown pride to the Saudi streetwear scene. Founded in 2021, it draws inspiration from the vibrant coastal city of Jeddah, known for its laid-back energy and rich culture. The everyday wear reflects the Saudi spirit through loose-fitting silhouettes crafted from ultra-comfy fabrics and a playful twist with humorous graphic designs and artwork. BUCKETBOX builds its identity around the community, and its campaigns celebrate the people of Riyadh and Jeddah.

Saudi Streetwear


DHAD is a streetwear brand built on the vibrant fusion of Arabic culture and urban art. Founded in 2013, DHAD, which translates to the Arabic letter “ض,” uses streetwear as a canvas for self-expression. Their collections are a bold mix of quirky prints, vibrant designs, and a healthy dose of attitude. Think streetwear staples like hoodies and tees splashed with graffiti-inspired graphics and Arabic calligraphy. The brand founders, Deyaa Rambo and Abdulaziz Hassan see DHAD as a lifestyle. Their flagship store in Jeddah doubles as a gallery, showcasing local artists and fostering a creative community.


Hindamme, meaning “to possess perfect form in harmony and aesthetic” in Arabic, embodies its name in its unique approach to apparel. Founded by self-taught designer Mohammed Khoja, Hindamme’s collections are a fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, injecting elements of Middle Eastern heritage, like traditional patterns or calligraphy, onto modern streetwear silhouettes like bomber jackets and graphic tees. Each collection delves into a theme, like space exploration in Arab history or connections to family and nature.


Launched in the Saudi capital, HUMAN ERROR focuses on minimalist offerings that pack a punch with bold graphics and edgy concepts. This streetwear brand isn’t afraid to push boundaries, often using its clothing as a platform for social commentary or thought-provoking ideas. While the designs might be head-turning, HUMAN ERROR keeps the overall aesthetic clean. This allows the graphics and messages to take centre stage, ensuring their streetwear remains versatile and wearable.


IVRY focuses on casual apparel with a fresh, contemporary twist, resulting in a laid-back yet stylish aesthetic. Think graphic tees, hoodies, and relaxed-fit pants, all crafted with high-quality materials for a premium feel. Their colour palettes lean towards modern and versatile tones, allowing for easy mixing and matching within their collections. As Saudi streetwear continues to evolve, IVRY is poised to make its mark with its contemporary casual apparel.


LAVIST is a streetwear brand that toes the line between luxury and street culture. This Saudi label injects a touch of opulence into everyday wear, creating a high-end and relatable aesthetic across oversized tees and relaxed cotton shorts adorned with royal emblems and minimalist, ethereal designs. LAVIST’s collections often feature Arabic calligraphy and imperial graphics, hinting at the hidden stories and secrets of the elite class. 


NOT BORING lives up to its name by injecting playfulness into the Saudi streetwear scene. Founded in 2018, their collections are a vibrant mix of quirky graphics, pop-culture references, and unexpected mashups. Think streetwear staples like hoodies and tees emblazoned with playful illustrations, funny slogans, or even reimagined logos to embrace the weird and wonderful. NOT BORING also champions social causes while celebrating Saudi youth culture. They’ve collaborated with local artists and partnered with social awareness campaigns, proving that streetwear can be a force for good.


Founded in 2009, OWN DESIGN acts as a launchpad for aspiring designers, providing them with the resources and support to bring their streetwear visions to life. Instead of offering a singular design aesthetic, OWN DESIGN prides itself on its diverse range of collections. From bold and graphic prints to more subtle, minimalist designs, OWN DESIGN offers a taste of the vibrant spectrum of Saudi streetwear talent. By fostering a community where young Saudis can experiment and express themselves, OWN DESIGN has become an incubator for the future of Saudi streetwear.


PLACARD uses streetwear as a canvas for social commentary. Launched in Jeddah, this Saudi brand tackles current events, cultural issues, and social movements through bold visuals and thought-provoking messages. Their designs, splashed across hoodies and tees, go beyond mere statements; they often incorporate Arabic calligraphy or traditional design elements, creating a unique fusion of social commentary and cultural pride. 


Founded in 2016 by Mohammed Bajabaa, PROUD ANGELS began as an homage to his Saudi pride and the laid-back vibes of Los Angeles, where he honed his design skills. This fusion is evident in their logo, a palm tree symbolising the connection between the two places. PROUD ANGELS bridges cultures and ignites self-expression while catering to a creative, athletic crowd. Their vibrant graphic tees and animated designs are a breath of fresh air in the streetwear scene, and the brand has used campaigns to empower youth and highlight the artistic energy within Saudi Arabia.


Launched in Riyadh, SIGMA has been making waves with its fusion of futuristic aesthetics and bold experimentation. Their collections are a playground for unconventional cuts, technical fabrics, and statement silhouettes. Expect oversized tees that drape dramatically, joggers with asymmetrical zips, and hoodies featuring reflective materials, drawing inspiration from the cutting edge of fashion and technology. The brand’s name itself reflects its philosophy. Sigma, the last letter in the Greek alphabet, signifies the pursuit of perfection and pushing limits. 


SPLYR caters to a community of like-minded individuals who crave a curated selection of streetwear staples. Founded with a focus on quality and inclusivity, SPLYR’s collections boast a variety of silhouettes, from oversized hoodies for a relaxed look to minimalist tees for a clean aesthetic. Whether you prefer bold graphics or a more understated vibe, SPLYR offers options to suit your style while fostering a sense of belonging. 


Founded in Jeddah, SULÉ weaves stories of Saudi heritage and tradition into contemporary clothing. Expect thobes with a modern twist, featuring clean lines and unexpected details. Meanwhile, streetwear staples like hoodies and tees are embellished with intricate embroidery or calligraphy that pays homage to the region’s rich artistic legacy. SULÉ seamlessly blends the old and the new, creating a unique aesthetic that celebrates Saudi identity while ensuring cultural preservation goes hand-in-hand with fashion.


TORBA STUDIO is a brand injecting a healthy dose of rebellion into Saudi fashion. Founded in Jeddah, TORBA STUDIO’s collections are a bold mix of unconventional graphics, street art influences, and a touch of dark humour. Streetwear staples like tees and hoodies featuring graffiti-inspired designs combine with thought-provoking slogans or even social critiques. TORBA STUDIO is known for its limited-edition drops and its focus on independent artists. 


Established in 2004, Triplefour is considered one of the originators of Saudi streetwear, paving the way for a thriving fashion movement. Their collections blend Eastern and Western influences across graphic tees and hoodies featuring Arabic calligraphy alongside bold designs inspired by global trends. Triplefour isn’t afraid to experiment, constantly pushing the boundaries of what Saudi streetwear can be. Beyond design, Triplefour champions Saudi talent. They’ve collaborated with local artists and designers, showcasing their work on a global platform. 

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