Heart of Europe’s Côte d’Azur Monaco opens raining street in Dubai

Grab your brolly – here’s how you can walk in a climate-controlled downpour.

If there’s one thing that Dubai’s weather lacks, it’s the change of seasons. We all know that the weather goes from hot to hotter, so if you want to cool down, here’s where you can head – Heart of Europe’s Raining Street in Dubai. 

As the name suggests, this is an actual street that rains in Dubai – well, in World Islands’ Heart of Europe’s new hotel, Côte d’Azur Monaco, to be precise. As each island draws inspiration from different countries, the European island will be bringing along the food, drink and even the weather of the cooler continent.

Côte d’Azur Monaco is scheduled to open this year, and will be an adults-only hotel. Raining Street in Dubai is the world’s first-ever such raining street. Spanning one-kilometre-long, it is a climate-controlled area that will rain on demand. 

Raining street in Dubai

Sure, Raining Street in Dubai may sound like a gimmick, but the wizardry sounds impressive. Just like any good shower, it varies in strength – the rainfall will range from a downpour to a moderate breeze. Plus, the street will maintain a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, a wind speed of five kilometres per hour and a humidity level of 60 percent. 

Côte d’Azur Monaco includes plenty of other upscale facilities. If you like to stay active, there is a gym, squash and table tennis courts. The venue also makes the most of its unique location, as it offers pearl diving as well as sunset and sunrise yoga.

Raining street in Dubai

Across the rest of the Heart of Europe, there are the kind of residences that make MTV Cribs look like an episode of Eastenders. The Floating Seahorse Villas include an underwater living quarter, coral reef views and a jacuzzi; and Germany Villas are Bauhaus-style homes with exotic gardens and swimming pools. Plus, Portofino Hotel draws inspiration from Italy – we’re talking an Italian fresco of the Birth of Venus, Italian times on the clocks, and Italian restaurants.

Fancy singing, dancing or just plain walking in the rain? Don’t forget your umbrella. 

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