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Six Flags Qiddiya eyes 2025 opening

You still have time to gather your courage for the gravity-defying Falcon’s Flight.

Are you ready for an adventure like no other? Look no further than Six Flags Qiddiya, the ultimate destination for thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies and families seeking fun and entertainment. This groundbreaking theme park is set to redefine the meaning of family fun and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The theme park will include six themed lands, record-breaking rides and, of course, the world’s longest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster. The records-breaking rides also include Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest free-standing shot tower ride; Gyropsin, the world’s tallest pendulum ride; Spitfire, the world’s tallest inverted top hat coaster; and Iron Rattler, the world’s tallest tilt coaster. However, it’s the gravity-defying Falcon’s Flight, the world’s longest, tallest and fastest coaster that will be Six Flags Qiddiya’s star attraction.

Covering 320,000 square metres, the theme park will house 28 rides and attractions, 10 of which will be thrill coasters and 18 for families and small children. Divided into six themed lands, each area offers a unique and immersive experience, guaranteeing something for everyone. 

Six Flags Qiddiya
Steam Town

Steam Town is where the real magic starts. Brace yourselves for a steampunk wonderland that will transport you to another dimension as you explore this mind-boggling world of gears and gadgets, conceived by the renowned chief engineer and inventor, Dr. Screemore. The premier attraction here is the Iron Rattler, featuring a hydraulic lift that thrusts passengers into a thrilling freefall through a narrow mineshaft. Additional highlights include Saw Mill Falls, a hybrid of roller coaster and whitewater boat ride; the Sprockenator, a multi-directional tower ride; the Steel Stampede, a dizzying spinning ride; and Adventure Junction, a dynamic interactive play zone designed for young explorers.

Twilight Gardens

Twilight Gardens is a little slice of paradise which, during the day, it’s like stumbling upon a hidden secret garden, but as the sun starts to set, Twilight Gardens transforms into an illuminated enchanted forest. Attractions include the Twilight Express, a child-friendly roller coaster; Amirat Al Buhayra, a playful water ride; the Enchanted Greenhouse, an interactive dark ride experience; and the Kaleidoscope, an aerial hot air balloon ride. 

Six Flags Qiddiya
Discovery Springs

Discovery Springs is an ancient oasis where water flows non-stop. Embark on an adventure with the flying Sea Stallion, the world’s tallest and fastest rider-controlled coaster, or tackle the white water rapids on the Zoomaflooma log flume. Additional attractions include the Big Splash, the Water Wheel, and Aquatopia, an interactive water playground for budding explorers. Discovery Springs will also be the home of Into The Deep, a next-gen interactive dark ride spanning over 2,400 square metres (26,000 square feet). Guests will undertake an exciting underwater trip to restore the beauty and wonder of life below the surface in four-player carts with rapid rotation and acceleration. 

Six Flags Qiddiya
City of Thrills

City of Thrills is where the real action is taking place at Six Flags Qiddiya. This place is the pumping heart of the park, a vibrant and dynamic cityscape that will leave you in awe. The area will feature the Sirocco Tower drop ride, the high-speed Adrena-Line suspended coaster, and the exhilarating Windrider glider. It’s also where the mind-blowing Falcon’s Flight takes flight. The world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster is Six Flags Qiddiya’s superstar attraction and will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

Six Flags Qiddiya
Grand Exposition

Historic World’s Fairs come to life through exhibits and stunning performances at the Grand Exposition. This area boasts the Colossus coaster, a gravity-propelled wood-steel hybrid that spans an 800-meter track, and the Gyrospin which swings riders high in the sky. The area also includes the Arabian Carousel, Roundabout bumper cars, and the Expo Flyer swing ride.

Six Flags Qiddiya
Valley of Fortune

Join explorers from across the globe in Indiana Jones-style adventures throughout this themed zone. The premier attraction here is Spitfire, a thrilling triple-launch coaster that catapults riders more than 73 meters into the sky. Additional attractions include Skywatch, a hydraulic ride offering panoramic views over the park, Canyon Charters, a plane-themed ride designed for young adventurers, and the Treasure Trail, where guests will drive their jeeps in search of treasure.

The Citadel is the park’s main thoroughfare and features a canopy design inspired by traditional Bedouin tents. This hub will be home to cafes, retail and shows.

Six Flags Qiddiya is just the tip of the iceberg. The theme park is part of the ambitious Qiddiya project. We’re talking about a whole city dedicated to bringing you the most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping experiences including the Kingdom’s first water theme park.

The future is bright, and Qiddiya is leading the way.

GO: Visit https://qiddiya.com for more information.

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