Hafeet Rail slashes travel time between UAE and Oman to 100 minutes

The project has entered its implementation stage.

Travelling to Oman from the UAE is about to get much easier. The highly anticipated UAE to Oman railway project, now dubbed Hafeet Rail, has officially entered its implementation phase, which means you’re only weeks away from hopping on board.

The Hafeet Rail marks a significant milestone in bilateral relations between Oman and the UAE. Led by Ahmed Al Musawa Al Hashemi, CEO of Hafeet Rail, the project has seen massive progress since the plan was initially laid out. 

Originally named Oman and Etihad Rail Company, the rebranding to Hafeet Rail speaks volumes. The name change reflects the scenic wonders this train ride promises. Journeying through diverse landscapes, from magnificent desert to rugged mountainous terrain, the railway’s route runs parallel to Jebel Hafeet. Not only does the project offer a picturesque travel experience, but it also promotes environmental sustainability.

And that’s not all. The passenger trains will reach a top speed of 200 km per hour, which means the journey between Sohar and Abu Dhabi will be slashed to 100 minutes — that’s down to half the time it usually takes.

While Hafeet Rail is great for residents and citizens of the UAE and Oman, it’s also a great way to bridge the distance between the two nations and form better bilateral relations. And with the GCC countries soon moving towards a unified visa system, this development could make things a lot easier.

Details of when the network will be open to the public are still under wraps, but it won’t be long before we’re able to hop on board.

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