From Kuwait to Jeddah: Lebanese restaurant Villa Fayrouz will open in La Paz

The menu spans salads, soups and seafood. 

Jeddah is fast becoming a dining destination. Now, it is set to welcome the Lebanese restaurant Villa Fayrouz, which hails from Kuwait. Villa Fayrouz Jeddah will open in La Paz on Prince Sultan Street, and here’s what to expect. 

Villa Fayrouz can already be found in AlUla and Riyadh. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is superb for sharing. The breakfast menu spans appetisers, egg platters and mankousheh. Dishes include Fried Funny Side Up Eggs, Scrambled Eggs with Sujock and Shakshouka. 

Villa Fayrouz Jeddah

Villa Fayrouz’s lunch and dinner menu spans soups, hot and cold mezze, salads, raw meat, savoury pastries, fatteh, charcoal grilled, plat du jour, seafood and dessert. Dishes include Kebab with Raspberry, Lamb Cutlets and Shish Taouk Saffron. Plus, desserts include Ashta with Banana and Honey, Mafroukeh and Rice Pudding. 

Villa Fayrouz in Riyadh is a sophisticated space, and offers indoor and outdoor seats. The décor is contemporary and casual and spans soft beige and brown tones, which are punctuated by teal seats. The space includes long and circle tables, which are great for groups. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of light and give it a bright and airy feel. The outdoor terrace is a pretty place with teal railings.

Villa Fayrouz Jeddah

Villa Fayrouz first started in Kuwait and can be found in Al Shaeb Al Bahri, Gulf Road and The Avenues. The concept has a firm following and offers a popular takeout menu.

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